Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Inspired in Salzburg

After spending five days in Salzburg for the SEB Annual Meeting 2012, I have been completely inspired by Anne Osterrieder to start blogging (https://twitter.com/anneosterrieder / http://www.plantcellbiology.com/). Although born into a generation where technology is blooming, I find myself almost being left behind as the exponential growth of social media is beginning to foster people from as early as primary school! Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+; is there an end to what we must register for and maintain to stay up-to-date, or relevant even?

The #SEB2012 was my first international conference and my supervisor wanted to ensure I got the most out of it; she was not wrong there. The Salzburg Congress is a beautiful venue set in the heart of an authentically stunning city. My hotel was a lucky 15-minute walk away each day so I always had the pleasure of strolling through the Old Town to and from the conference. Not only was I given the opportunity to visit a fantastic city, but also I had a golden ticket to being in the presence of some of the most prestigious scientists. It is a rare thing to be given an opportunity where you are in the right place at the right time so I ensured I made the most of it. Having spoken to many people in my scientific field, I not only felt inspired by their research but also motivated by their enthusiasm for my work. Alongside the food dabbling and social networking amongst peers, I encountered upon a decent bunch of friends of whom one of which, Diana Samuel, inspired me to name my blog 'Arabelegans' since my research is strangely but interestingly based on Arabidopsis thaliana and Caenorhabditis elegans.

So here I sit, conforming to the requirements of 'staying relevant' in the 21st century and posting on my first blog, Arabelegans.

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