Thursday, 19 July 2012

Gerald Kerkut Symposium 2012

Back in Building 85 today after a nice escape to Beaulieu Hotel for our annual conference hosted by the Gerald Kerkut Charitable Trust ( I am lucky for my PhD to be funded by them because they certainly treat their students well. We get the opportunity to present out work on a slightly more relaxed and informative manner each year in stunning venues (last year it was held at Marwell Zoo), as well as being very well fed on the occasions! I am particularly looking forward to the annual Chilworth Kerkut Christmas Dinner, which we have been informed is to occur on the 30th of November 2012; yummy! Being so busy with our own research, it is hard to always keep track of other interesting work that is happening around us. That is why it is fantastic to hear what my peers have been slaving away with. Bees, nematodes, fruit flies and mice; just a taster of the various organisms studied by Southampton University students. Highlights of the day included bees that can sense diesel, anorexic mice, green tea and antioxidant potentials. Not only were the quality of the talks excellent as usual, but also the dynamic range and enthusiasm that we all share for communicating Science - our Science. I feel my presentation went well, the crowd certainly appeared to be engaged and entertained! But I do honestly appreciate the funding from the Gerald Kerkut Trust as I said, because it has given me the opportunity to be 'jack of all trades; master of three kingdoms' as parroted from the finale of my talk. I truly did have an insightful day and I am very much looking forward to the next. Thank you to the GKT -

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